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Splicing and rigging is a traditional craft enabled by sea travel since the medieval age in which good ropes are always vital. Back then already you needed solid and unsolvable connections like hallyards and sheet to keep the canvas in the winds plus mooring lines to land.

Nowadays requirements on ropes and lines have changed clearly. Whilst people used three-stranded laid ropes and four-stranded laid ropes made of natural fibre in former days, modern yachts require cores made of high standard Dyneema® or polyesters that have to be spliced as well to resist the breaking load. The splicing itself is mostly stronger than the used rope construction in itself and makes it solid and lighter than wire ropes normally. Therefore splicing ropes makes sense!

Our offer includes among others the following work in our ropeyard. We also customise it for you: Core splicing, Core splicing, Rejuvenation splicing, Wire-rope splicing, Wire-wire splicing, Wire pressing, Production of nets, Reef-, Hallyard- and Sheet Systems, Leathering, Lifting gear, Tug ropes, Barriers & Fences, Handrails, Swings and much more

Demand actuated Tows and Ropes

We have available long lasting experience so that you can rely on the high standard of our splicing work. In our rope shop you cannot just buy ropes, here you can find a wide range of tows, ropes, nets and much more. Our products can keep up any requirements.  If you need spliced ropes for your yacht, yard goods, rope shackles or a simple monkey´s fist. Or if you require gaming devices such as rope bridges, climbing networks and nestswings - we are your competent partner.

Call us: +49 (0) 421 60 076 82 or mail to if you have any questions or if you need information in more detail.

In our well organised onlineshop you can order packaged ropes and yard goods without any registration conveniently. Here you can find all stuff around ropes of high standard and for any purpose.